Fibromyalgia Fog Journal


Sunday, February 13, 2005

2-13-05 Pre-Blog Journal Entry


Cognitive: Today is MUCH better than yesterday. I am able to think more clearly and do more things. Level 2-3


  • Foot – Still applying an ice pack applying an ice pack and doing the stretching exercises. I keep loosing track of my cane so I try to walk without it. Level 5-9
  • TN - There is less spasming under the eye today. Pain level 2-3.
  • OtherRight temple. Level 2-3 – Twinges, dull ache, annoyance. I don’t know why it hurts.

Talked to my mother on the phone. Why is it that my speech goes bad faster when I am talking on the phone than when I am talking to someone in person?


My speech is now totally gone. Every time I try to say any words they come out “blub blub blub”. I try to watch Desperate Housewives but I keep getting confused. Sometimes when my husband or kids try to explain things to me. After their explanation, I pretend to understand, but sometimes I don’t.

Cognitive: Terrible, horrible, embarrassing, Level 9


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