Fibromyalgia Fog Journal


Monday, March 14, 2005

Why in a blog?

  • I do not have to search for a paper and pen.
  • I do not have to find a clean, uncluttered surface on which to write.
  • I am VERY unorganized. I lose everything. Where would I keep the papers? They would be all out of order, food stained and incomplete.
  • As hard as it is to admit this, I cannot read my own handwriting. When I am in a fibro fog it gets even worse. Sad but true.
  • The computer is always on and ready to go.
  • I have a hard time remembering things from one minute to the next. This way, all will have to do is type it into the computer.
  • I can add things to it anywhere I go, as long as there is a computer. Not that I go anywhere but doctor’s offices.
  • If my doctor wants to see what is going on I do not have to remember to bring it to him. He can access it from his office or even his home.

I am sure there are more but I cannot think of them right now.


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