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Monday, March 14, 2005

My Day 3-14-05

  • Pain: Mostly trigeminal nerve pain, but I wonder if the severity of the TN pain is masking the FM pain the way the pain from hitting one's thumb with a hammer might seem less when one stubs one's toe. The FM pain is bad enough that I need to use a cane to walk.
  • Brain Fog: Cannot follow conversations. Speech is slurred. Hard to find words. Use wrong words.
  • Depression?: Got the neuropsycologist report back from when I had been tested several weeks ago. That day I had been so wound up. I rambled on and on. I wanted to tell her everything quickly before I forgot. I had taken a Ritalin that morning so I would be able to stay awake during the exam. I take them so infrequently I was almost racing. I had no clue what a neuropsycologist did. I expressed myself all wrong. She thinks I am a slacker who just wants to get out of working. I do not blame her. That day I would thought I was nuts, too.
Was the neuropsycologist right? Was I a slacker? I set out to prove her right. I will start of slowly. I will strive to add and complete a few more chores everyday. If she is right maybe I could go back to work. If I can I am sure I would make more money than I would get from SSD.

This is my new goal.


"The celebrated Galen said that employment was nature's physician.
It is indeed so important to happiness that indolence is justly considered the parent of misery."

C. C. Colton


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