Fibromyalgia Fog Journal


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Day 3-15-05

I HATE filling out social security disabilities forms.

If they really wanted to help the truly disabled, It should be that if one is able to complete all of the paperwork on their own they are not bad off enough to collect SSD. As I sit and look at the mountain of paper with the lengthy questions, most of which I can never remember how they started by the time I reach the end, I wonder what happens to those who just are to disabled to complete it. This all stresses me to much to continue and I find myself needing to nap.

Pain: Mainly TN but also some FM in my left leg.
Level around 7. Serious, almost disabling.

Energy: I am so tired today! I just cannot stay awake. Did I over do yesterday? Going to bed very early tonight.

Brain Fog: Woozy all day. Speech slurred. Cannot find words or communicate well.


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