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Monday, October 03, 2005

My Day 10-03-05

I am so exhausted today! I cannot believe how tired I am. For the life of me I cannot figure out why I am so tired. I thought I slept okay. Sure, I woke up a few times to get more comfortable. TN pain woke me up once. My burning feet woke me up a couple times. Hmmm, now that I typed this out maybe I did not sleep as well as I thought I had.

My legs are so weak! This is a relatively new development. It is not the FMS pain and weakness that I am used to. It is more like I have been sick with the flu and am trying to get out of bed before I am well enough. They keep wanting to give out on me. Standing for even short periods of time is difficult.

Tried to go to the chiropractor & PT but my daughter lost her keys. She was running around, very stressed, looking for them. I tried to help by asking if she had looked in places I had thought of. My words got all twisted; I stuttered and took a long time to suggest she look in places she had already checked twice. She got very cross with me. The stress made it impossible for me to go. Had to reschedule for Wednesday.

  • TM - Not to bad for the most part. A bit of a headache, but when I bend over or even lean over the pain shocks me. Level 3 most of the time 7 when I bend over.
  • FMS – Still very achy. Every pressure point hurts. I get tired of complaining about it. Level 7
Cognitive:Cannot talk. My daughter, who was already stressed, got so frustrated with me she told me to formulate all the sentences in my head before saying them, including finding the words I want and how they are pronounced. I might as well write a letter. I just stopped talking. Level 9

Tried to organize the papers for the lawyer’s appointment for my SS Disability claim. I thought I had everything in such good order. NOT. This is the story of my life these days.


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